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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Question and Answer

Arthur Hohlman

to me
show details Oct 10 (10 days ago)

Dear Art Pirates,
I have recently received email alerts that someone has stolen my identification and has been using it to make false statements and reservations in my name . If this does not stop I will be forced to pursue legal action.
most sincerely,
Art Hohlman


Dear Arthur Hohlman,
We are not terrorists and did not steal your identity. However, if you would like to sell us your identity at a rock bottom price please let us know.

Sincerely yours,
The Real Art Hohl

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just a taste...

Sorry to keep everybody out of the loop on this one. It just kinda happened. Enjoy

Working in Studio

This week has been studio, studio, studio, for me. I basically have been working on three projects. Two sculptures are plaster and one sculpture is bronze. Let’s start out in that I built a pedestal for the bronze sculpture. It should look really cool because I’m going to plant around the bronze sculpture in the pedestal. Yes I’m crazy but I recessed the base down a bit in the pedestal to put plants in it and then put the bronze sculpture on top of the plants. I’m really excited about this idea but I still have a lot of work to do to it. I still have to paint it and seal it from nature but it’s getting there. So I’ve also been working on these two plaster sculptures. Both measure about 48 x 30 so there a little on the big size. One is almost all glued together and the other needs a lot of work. I still have to chase all the seams around the plaster bones and start gluing it together. It looks together in the picture but that’s just because I was figuring out the shape. Now I have to disassemble and recreate it again. I’m really like working in the plaster and probably will keep on doing plaster casting to keep more sculpture being produced out of my studio. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website.

Friday, October 10, 2008

!!! Check It Out !!!
In the spirit of the season Arthole hosted its own presidential debates!

As it all ended in a tie it appears that Arthole will have to remain the shiftless derriere of the political underworld.
Hey Arthole,
My name is Admiral and I thought you might be interested in this weird video I found. Basically I was at a metro station in Chicago and I saw something weird in one of the urinals. It looked kind of like a pantyhose shell with a camera lens on it. I reluctantly fished it out and tried to open it but it was sealed tight (not to mention my hands were all slippery from the piss and everything). I took it to my friend who used to work at NASA and he used his bitchin' set of tools to get it open. What was inside? A pair of hose. Not just any hose though, my buddy put it under his electron microscope and he was all freaked out. He said he had never seen anything like it. The nylon threads were encoded with some sort of computer language. He ran it through one of his high tech NASA programs and it generated this media file. The weirdest thing yet? He had his friend at the natural history museum carbon date it and it doesn't even exist yet! This fucking thing is from the future! Swear to God. My Friend thinks it could be from outer space. some sort of alien perv bot. Later that week I woke up in a field with my hands and feet zip tied together like a pig or something. How I got home is a whole 'nother story. When I got there though, my apartment was trashed and every pair of pantyhose I own was missing. There was a note that said if I knew what was good for me I wouldn't ask no questions. Well, you don't have to tell ol' Adama twice. Anyways here's part of the video, the rest ain't appropriate for kids if you know what I mean.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Working in Studio

This week was busy busy busy!!!! Let’s start out with a big thank you to ARTHOLE and the arthole open crit night. I’d say we had ten people there including Symbiotic Gallery and other arthole supporters. The crit went on for about 2.5 hours and I think everyone walked away happy and with a new perspective and new ideas. So it was a great time for all. In my studio well been casting plaster like crazy and have started to assemble the plaster bones together. It’s going to take a long time because the cure time for epoxy takes longer then welding. But there starting to look really nice. Getting to order some mold material soon to start making more molds to finish some projects and start some new ones. I’ve got to get money together for this because as always the rubber material is expensive. I’ve also been spending time in the metal shop thanks to Zack who has been keeping the casting studio running while I’m in the metal shop working on bronzes. I did get another bronze welded together and I did finish another bronze bone sculpture. I will be up soon on my website. On another note on Oct. 10th I have a show at Sandra Small Gallery in Covington Ky. Also I have some sculpture at Funke Fired Arts and there Fired Fusion show Oct. 10th as well. Other then dropping artwork off to galleries. I’ve just been busy in my studio. Big thanks to Zack for helping out in the studio. It’s really helps out!!!!! Yes one last thing I finished a video on Living in a Terrorist State. You can view it on my blog and YouTube. Tell me what you think about it. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Working in Studio

This week I would like to start out with a BIG THANK YOU To all the people who read my blog and support the art revolution. I had a number of people come up to and talk about my artwork referencing my blog. I was very touched and just wanted to say Thanks again for you support. It’s your motivation that keeps my motivation so high. Well this week is still a lot of wax and plaster casting in the studio. Zack has been casting plaster bones all week and I’m sure he is sick of plaster but he’s a trooper and keeps casting plaster bone for these two plaster sculptures were working on. I’m doing a little experimenting on adhesives on plaster cast bones. I’ve started connecting the bones with glue and might move to epoxy depending on how these experiments work out. Also been casting wax bones and getting them ready for the foundry. I’ll have a ton of bones to dip and get ready for dipping into slurry and developing the ceramic shell for pouring bronze into. Also on another note I’m still working in the metal shop doing cleaning, sanding, and welding. Hope to have two sculptures done soon and be ready for display in galleries. Other then that things are busy in the studio and will keep pushing along on sculpture.
As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

Sunday, September 21, 2008


The robot arrived in kit form with life priming battery and optional multi-dimensional-evil fittings
by hugh thomas
The robot arrived in kit form with life priming battery and optional multi-dimensional-evil fittings: Sept 08Larger image

By hugh thomas at 2008-09-20 11:38 | hugh thomas's blog | add new comment

Working in Studio

Were do I start it’s been three weeks and a lot has happened so I’ll try to catch you up to everything that’s going on. Let’s first start with I Got some artwork in the Addington Gallery in Chicago. This is really big for me and one more step to getting my artwork out of Cincinnati and on to other clients. I still have a lot of business work to do as far as getting my artwork out there and letting Galleries and museums know I exist. So that’s the first big news second is I got asked by Xavier University and Kelly Phelps to give a talk to some students about my artwork. The dates have not been set but I’m really excited about this. It gives me a lot of motivation to know people are paying attention to what I’m doing and are interested in my artwork. I can’t wait to meet a bunch of new artist and get and idea of what they think about art as well as talk about mine. Needless to say I’m pumped about it. Last bit of big news before I get onto what’s going on in the studio. I did get a studio assistant to help out!!!! This is really big because I’m getting an enormous amount of work done. Zack (studio assistant) is awesome!!!! So here what’s going on in the studio. First yes I did get started on doing metal work on the bones sculpture. I’ve been doing cleaning, metal fabricating, welding and bead blasting for the past couple of weeks. I’ve got one sculpture welded together and blasted. Now all it need is a quick sanding and then it will be ready for the patina process. I also have 3 other bone sculptures waiting for there turn. Since I have an assistant now I can get to them a lot quicker now and might have them done in October. Well see what happens. Now a lot of metal work has been happening. Zack has been casting massive plaster bones. We’re working on two plaster bone sculptures that are not small in size and might be a pain in the butt as far as putting them together. But for now we’re pushing it along and the casting are turning out really nice. Other then that I have an art show coming up Oct. 10th. This show should be a nice show because my friend Daniel Brown is putting on this show of underground artwork. Imagine that I’m in an underground show LOL. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

Monday, September 8, 2008

Wet Hot Arthole Summer

It seems Arthole was on a creative hangover in June after being bestowed with the honor of being in the IMA show, On Procession. We took some time to regroup so we could get it together for the next spanking. That project took shape under Symbiotic's curated parking lot show on Main Street in the final friday event July called Baby You Can Drive My Car. We decided to do what we do best and make some clever moveable art space, aptly titled "The Brown Gallery", with the curators running around in sanitation suits with plungers and accouterments. It was officially christened as an outhouse by a neighborhood girl who had to answer nature's call. After all, we had provided the toilet seat and fake feces for inspiration. It was the least we could do after Kenton chased her around with the fake poop and made her cry.

The first show in the Brown Gallery was interactive bathroom graffiti provided by all the brave visitors that visited the gallery and was given a marker to go to town. The Brown Gallery will be an ever evolving gallery with changing shows and could pop up at any location at any moment. If you know of a good location for the Brown Gallery to make an appearance, email us at: or at

Our next project was our re-entry into the world of robots for the Marathon Automaton II : Gropebot Strokes Back. We were officially selected to the Art Parade sponsored by Deitch projects in New York City and created new robotic costumes to melt people's faces off for the September 6th date along the Broadway route. However, Hurricane Hanna intervened and made our plans officially go off course by the cancelation of the Art Parade due to severe weather. Not to be deterred from our time to act ridiculously mechanical we set off to Chicago to be unofficial entries into the General von Steuben Day Parade.

However, the only thing that is predictable about Arthole is that we rarely have a clear cut plan and things naturally evolve from the original idea. Thus, we ended up throwing on our costumes and created our own parade from Broadway and Diversey to Belmont and circled back down the next street east of us on saturday afternoon. We met many a curious people, posed for pictures, got told we looked stupid by an old lady with a cart, asked if we had cocaine by an older gent, got told the future looked bleak if robots were made out of cardboard and duct tape, and generally entertained ourselves as well as others.

The children we met were our best audience, but Kenty-Cakes scared one cute little boy with glasses saying that Bullybot smashed glasses. The little boy, then told him he was a bad robot and hid behind his mother. He didn't want to pose with us for his mother's picture until Superbot explained there is good bots and bad bots and then gave him a high five. Nerdbot impressed everyone in Boy's Town with his creepy, "What's your name?" Gropebot got many candid pictures with his Gropecam and luckily wasn't arrested for exposing his junk. Finally, we reached the end of our robot journey and made some new friends with some girls from Second City.

The pictures and video documenting this as well as tales of the adventure will be forthcoming.

**The Brown Gallery pictures were taken by Rebecca Nebert and the robot drawings are by Kenton Brett.**

Rear Admiral Becksby.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Check out a video from Arthole

Do you know where your arthole is ?

Sunday, August 31, 2008

working in studio

Ok I’m still in my studio making silk-screens and doing flat work instead of working on bronze. I’ve still got to purchase mold material for this mold I need to start, also I still have metal work just waiting for me. I really need a studio assistant but right now I can’t afford it. Hope some of these grants come threw so I can get some one to help out in the studio. It would be nice. Anyway been printing quite a bit and need to also get back out into the public and start putting up artwork again. The world always need a little artwork to jog there brain and shake up the mundane!!! I got two more images printed up. One is a skull, imagine that LOL. The other is a five dollar bill altered and redone but I don’t have a picture of that one so my apologies. Other then have a ton of projects starting to pile up on me; I can’t say I’ve been up to much else. Hope to get my butt in gear and getting this metal and mold work started. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG
P.S. LOL i found the 5 dollars

Sunday, August 24, 2008

working in studio

Well I’m back in my studio working on waxes for a bone project that might turn into a commission. But as of right now it’s sculpture waiting to get done so it can go up on my website. I also hope to be working on the two metal sculptures I have cast. I know I said the same last week but it’s really hot in my studio. I know I’m being a baby but hope to get motivated soon and start working in the metal shop. I did get a new batch of prints finished and ready for public display. LOL yea public art is a lot more fun right now but I need to stay focused on the bronze sculpture. I am also about to start a new mold for new sculpture. Need to come up with some cash for rubber mold material. I’m doing a life size skull for this awesome sculpture I’m working on. I got the glass element being planted right now with some beautiful plants. Then I’ll have to put the cast element into it which I’m still working out all the structural elements of the piece. It will be really cool. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t sell. Other then that I’m just surviving the heat in my studio and pushing along artwork. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

Sunday, August 17, 2008

working in studio

This week I’ve been in the studio working on waxes for bone sculptures. Basically it’s been a bit slow in the studio. All I’ve been doing is working on getting some sculpture together and started. I got a lot of work to do in the metal shop. But I’m being a bit lazy as far as getting there to start the metal work. I also have a curator coming to my studio on Monday. So I’ve been in my studio cleaning and getting things together for his visit. I also got my sculpture into Malton gallery. So if you want to see my sculpture in person I would go there and check it out. I’ve also put up some new images in sculpture gallery on my website if you’re looking for somewhere to surf on the web. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

Sunday, August 10, 2008

working in studio

These past two weeks have been busy for me. I’ve been basically printing or silk screening in the studio. I’ve been getting a lot of prints done and been really happy with all the prints. I’ve been doing a bit of public installation work around the city with these prints. I’m just starting to get into this project quite a bit. Anyway well see what happens. Other then silk screening I finally finished up those bronzes and I’m going to be delivering them to Malton Gallery next week. Hope all goes well there and they sell lots of my sculpture. I’ve sort of took a bit of a break from bronze right now but still have two more cast bronzes that need to be finished. So very soon I hope to be back on those sculptures and back in the studio working on other sculpture as well. Let’s see I’ve also been very busy with ARTHOLE. This group is kicking my ass but I like it, and it all deals with art, so I’m down with whatever ARTHOLE does. Other then busy every day life, that’s about it for me and my studio. I hope to be a little better about my blog and get back to weekly but well see what happens with that. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

working in studio

Well this week hasn’t been much different then last week. I basically have been doing all the work on getting these four bronzes colored and planted. I put a couple of variations of burgundy red onto the bones and then took them over to City Roots were they planted some plants into the glass elements. I have to say they look really nice. The plant element really pulls the artwork together. I think these are some really awesome sculpture. This sculpture is subtle for me and my artwork but still on the cutting edge of the art world. This work deals with life and death and the overwhelming question what’s after death if anything but eternal sleep. My fascination with death and bones is a huge influence in my artwork. If you a fan of the Art Revolution you probably already know this but thought I would mention it again for all you new readers. Other then sculpting in death I’m silk-screening skulls as well. I’ve been in a screen studio and been printing my butt off. Been having fun printing skulls on newspaper and various other things. I also started to build a silk-screen table in my studio. So I can keep on printing after this studio wares out. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

my welsh people

It's a sad day for my Welsh brethren. This article explains it all....
Police in Wales were called to investigate a mysterious flying saucer, only to discover it was the moon. The confused caller asked: 'If you've got a couple of minutes perhaps you could find out what it is?' The moon was mistaken for a "bright, stationary" UFO which had been loitering for at least half an hour, by a confused local in South Wales who made a 999 call to the police.
Today officers released a transcript in order to highlight the time wasted by unnecessary 999 calls. The bizzare conversation ran as follows:
Control: "South Wales Police, what's your emergency?"
Caller: "It's not really. I just need to inform you that across the mountain there's a bright stationary object."
Control: "Right."
Caller: "If you've got a couple of minutes perhaps you could find out what it is? It's been there at least half an hour and it's still there."
Control: "It's been there for half an hour. Right. Is it actually on the mountain or in the sky?"
Caller: "It's in the air."
Control: "I will send someone up there now to check it out."
Caller: "OK."
After the police patrol car arrives, the script reveals the exchange between the control room and the police officer sent to the scene.
Control: "Alpha Zulu 20, this object in the sky, did anyone have a look at it?"
Officer: "Yes, it's the moon. Over."
A police spokeswoman said: "This was a recent example of an inappropriate 999 call to South Wales Police.
"Yes, we can all see the comical side but calling 999 with an unnecessary non-emergency call could block a genuine call for vital seconds and put lives at risk."
Other bizarre calls cited by the police force included someone asking for help voting for Rhydian on The X-Factor and another requesting a pound coin for their supermarket trolley.
-Rear Admiral Becksby-

Monday, June 30, 2008

What A Coincidence!

Man what a coincidence! I totally saw this same mirror at the bathroom in a Denny's at 4:30 am!
Bathroom Transmorgification!

Hey Artholeenies,
Check out this mirror I stumbled upon during one of my many trips to public restrooms. it was quite hilarious as it was in the men's bathroom causing forced gender bending upon the viewer as it has lipstick and fake eyelashes on it. It ended up a moot point with me, being as I was coincidently already wearing lipstick and fake eyelashes. But one can imagine how it might catch the unsuspecting off gaurd. It is quite amusing to imagine how such a simple object might force an ordinary Joe Shmoe into an awkward confrontation with their own unresolved gender identity issues, much like a seventh grade gym teacher... aww good ol' Coach Lester. I think I'll name this little guy Moe after coach.

As always keep your arthole tense and puckered with awareness for you never know what you are going to run into in the Denny's bathroom at four in the morning while you wait for a john.

Monday, June 23, 2008

working in studio

This week in the studio was very busy as well. I got all the molds patched from last week and ready for a bronze pour. The pour is going to happen this week I think Wednesday but not sure as of right now. I get to pour a lot of bones that’s almost 6 sculptures!!! That’s 2 bigger sculptures the dog jaws and human clavicle and 4 smaller bone sculptures. I’m really excited but I’m going to be really broke. Bronze is about $4.50 a lbs. and that’s a lot of metal. I hope to start working in the metal shop next week getting these bone sculptures together and pushed to being finished. Other then my sculptures I have gotten a little further on my drawing of Fly on the Wall. I still think it need some work on the fly but at least I’m working on it. I hope to have it ready for the ARTHOLE crit on Sunday the 29th. Gives me a bit of a deadline and pushes me to get it done as well so I can move onto something else. I have also started working on some other projects this week, nothing big but it is interesting. These crosses are part of a silkscreen project well see if it works out but no guarantees. Last is a picture I took that I think is its own art piece. I found a car flag just discarded and dirty on the ground. The image to me just said it all to me how people always throw away everything and replace it. Consumerism at its best and now even the flag itself is throw onto the ground because its dirty. Anyway just though it was a great snapshot for thinking!! Enjoy. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Boybot has been reported missing by Indiana authorities.  He was last seen on his way to the public library to research a book report about the book, "Breeding Habits of the North American Donkey" "Although we are more than familiar with the book, we do not recall seeing Boybot on the premises." reported Librarian A. Hohlman who was on duty at the fountain square facility in Indianapolis during Boybots purported visit.  Speculation seems to be the only lead in the case as no one can recall the last time Boybot had been seen.  When Questioned about the book report his teacher responded, "I don't actually recall assigning 'Breeding Habits of the North American Donkey' on the list of possible texts."   No more helpful was Boybots step-father Vaz Extimy, " I done sent the boy out to git me some sigareets and wizki but I aint seen 'im since. but I can tell you one thing... He wasn't no bad boybot till he started hangin out wit dem bots down at fountain square. Yeah they were always marching about with space ships what drilled to the earth's core and played all kinds of filthy music and such. why I had just finished beatin' the tar off his (expletive deleted) for bringing home some sort of drying machine with gloves, and you know whit it did? Hit grabbed my (expletive deleted). I don't take to kindly to that kind of hanky panky (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) crap in my house! Anyways if you see him get my sigareets and wiski moneys back."  In a case full of loose ends with no resolution in sight we request that our readers keep their artholes taut with awareness and open to any information that might come from meticulous probing.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

open crit night

As arthole is in the midst of some changes and preparing for our next big public outing, we have to sit around and be whiny, contemplative bitches pondering if our art cuts the mustard. If you would like to join in the rhetoric, we will be having open crit night on SUNDAY JUNE 29 starting at 7 pm at Casting Arts. More details to follow...

Rear Admiral Becksby

Sunday, June 1, 2008

working on website

This week was busy but not in the studio. I’ve been working on my website putting up new galleries for you to view. I put up three new galleries Drawings, Drawings2, and In God we Trust. The two drawings galleries have a lot of drawing that have been in shows this year or have not been seen at all by anyone. So it’s a real treat for me to show these drawings to you. Also I put up the gallery In God we Trust. This gallery is loaded with subject matter about religion and God. Another gallery with artwork to make you question or think about situations few wants to question. Also I’ve put up a few more links and thanks to people who are constantly helping out in the art revolution. This week was also gallery contact week for me. I hope to work with Country Club in the future and also Last Rights Gallery in NY. I just sent out some material to both and hope to work with both of them. I’m also trying to find more shows and galleries in NY for the future. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

working in studio

This week was another busy week in the foundry. This week I did a lot of prep work on the molds to get them ready to pour. I did do a burn out of the molds to get the wax out and to cure the mold so they would be ready to pour. I also redipped them one more time to seal all the small cracks that happened from the burn out. Hope to maybe pour a mold or two this Friday but well see how things push along. I also started another smaller bone sculpture in wax and will be taking that down to the foundry to start the mold process again. Other then all foundry work and bronze work I haven’t been doing too much else. I did get to draw a little on the newspaper drawing and it’s coming along nicely. Hope to have a little more for you next week but I think it’s all going to be foundry again. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

this is the drawing im working on

Quote of the Week

Rear Admiral Becksby

Sunday, May 18, 2008

working in studio

Finally I’m back in my studio doing bronze sculptures again. It’s really nice to be back in my studio again. It’s like getting back home from a long trip and taking that deep breath of relaxation. My studio is my life and without my studio I am lost. I know I’m a bit of a die hard for art but after a while I realized that without art I am nothing. Enough rambling about art, it’s nice to back in my studio again. This week I worked pretty hard on getting the wax work of the two smaller bone sculptures pushed along to get some more wax bones down to the foundry. I’m pretty excited because the sculptures are starting to come together slowly. I’m getting close to start pouring some of the bone elements for the sculpture. After this week and possibly next week as well a new batch will come down to the foundry and the process will repeat itself again. The big bone sculpture is about ¾ of the way done as far as casting all the elements in wax. Then I will start gating all the wax elements and take them down to the foundry to start the next process. Bronze is so labor intensive but it also what I love. I’m fortunate because I can do my own work if I had to pay some one to do this I would not nearly get as much bronze work done. Anyway still drawing with newspaper and will hope to start drawing on this paper soon. I have a few ideas for this drawing so we’ll see were it will take us.
As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

Friday, May 16, 2008

Quote of the Week

"Nine times out of ten, a joke is much funnier if you add the word fuck to it."
-Art Holeman-

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's up with Texas?

The media is forever getting things wrong. I don't know where they went to school, but I was told to be better at making shit up. I went to art school.

The Texas story of the man, Jorge Espinal, accidentally shotting himself in the back while scratching his back with a gun is completely wrong. The incident is correct, but is was actually our very own Aaron Kent who was scratching his back with his sawed off shotgun named Jimmy. In the midst of the moment of trying to scratch that unreachable itch, he forgot that his hand was caressing the trigger. He didn't need that foreskin anyways. Don't worry he is okay and resting peacefully thanks to the oddles of drugs given to him by the nice nurses. The real question is what is up with Ohio?

Rear Admiral Becksby

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Art Bitch

Gropebot actually wanted to write a song like this but his t-rex like hands wouldn't cooperate, so CSS came out of Brazil and stole his thunder. He may never be the same again.

R.I.P. Robert Rauschenberg

Although Arthole is in the midst of creating our own theme song, here is another group of artholes tying one on. Ours will be way better even without lighting our crotches on fire.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Marathon Automaton (Parade Day)

Arthole infiltrated and assimilated Indianapolis with our portion of the On Procession art parade. All of our efforts were not in vain as four robot heads and the robot mothership are on display at the IMA. Grope-Bot, Breakdown-o-Tron, Arthole 5000, and EmBot heads are all viewable in Indy. Thanks so much for everyone who helped make this event possible.


Well this week was pretty big for me!!! I had my show at RED SAW GALLERY in NY!!!! It went really well and I got to meet lots of people. I was pleased with how I was treated and how the crowd responded to the work. All I can say is that all the artist in the show were really talented and I was really happy to be part of such a great show. Dave Smith put a really great show together. After the show I went to Chelsea where all the hot galleries are in NY. There to my surprise I meet two really big famous artists Dana Schutz and Richard Prince. I was star struck and really excited to meet both artists. I also got to see so many shows of big named artist and some shows of some not so big name artists that I was totally overwhelmed and want to run to my studio and start making art immediately. I did come back to Cincinnati with new motivation and many new ideas to start. Overall I was pleased with everything and can’t wait to hit my studio hard and get to work. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

Friday, May 9, 2008

arthole rejects

We the people of the Arthole believe in being unexclusive group to the masses. We would like to recruit more people to the ways of screwing off and the general oddness of us being us, but creating art in the process. All you have to do is answer where your arthole is and a magical cloud of smoke appears, thus indoctrinating you into Arthole. Seems easy enough right? However, there are some people that can't answer this spiritual question correctly and with some semblance of integrity. Case in point, Art Price Jr., of Bellevue, Ohio. He got naked, went on his back deck and had sex with his metal picnic table, but have no fear, he cleaned off the deck afterwards instead of a post·coital smoke. I believe his whole defense for the four felony counts is "the picnic table was asking for it."

Next was a couple of Houston teenagers who dug up a boy's corpse in a cementary to smoke mary jane out of it. A bunch of potheads! Where would the carb hole even be? Why did this ever seem like a good idea? What happened to the patented toilet paper roll make-shift bong that has satisfied many young kids in suburban america for years? I mean we have some kind of standards.

Rear Admiral Becksby

ballet on crack

If we got our acts together, I'm sure this is what Arthole would look like on ice and in sequined costumes. It's so punk rock!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Doing Indy

We are now vlog stars. Check out our fifteen seconds of fame at: doing indy episode 93.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

S.O.S. from IBS-Bot

Hello, I'm the mysterious missing BOT from the parade, IBS-Bot. I was fully prepared to drop nuts and bolts for your viewing pleasure (I even got an oil change and my steel waxed), then Gropebot rusted my tracks. Apparently, he doesn't know where my arthole is which resulted in a subsequent eye injury that sidelined my robotic aspirations. It was a hit and run poking. Unfortunately, the magical technology that produces the twinkle in my eye had to go in for a massive tune-up in the desert of California near where another mysterious government alien hanger sits. Arthole has abandoned me for the scrap yard and/or potential scientific experiments. Can you someone come pick up the pieces?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

leave it to roll-oh

Rear Admiral Becksby

Monday, May 5, 2008

Performance Art

This week was not much for art making but I was doing a lot of performance art. I did two performances this week. One which you are familiar with was Living in a Terrorist State. The other was a performance or protest was against Censorship. This is a performance of what I or you stand as far as letting art be seen to the masses. This artwork that I took a stand on was a graffiti sculpture. It was put up with no ones permission. I loved this art just for that fact; it was already rebelling against what is supposed to happen. The artwork also had some dildos and a pocket pussy put together and put on an erect pedestal. It had no title but spoke many messages. This piece was asked to be censored because people did not want there family or friends to see this artwork due to an art show that was held in close proximity to it. I know that everyone has there limits but this is an art institution and if you don’t like art or art that is controversial then you should probable look for a new career or reconsider what art is about. Art is a Voice whether it’s your voice or someone else’s voice it should never be silenced!!! It should always be heard!!! Any whey I did this performance and I chained myself to the artwork for 8 hours. I wanted to go longer but my body would not let me. Maybe with some better planning I can do the next performance a lot longer. After the 8 hours the whole performance and artwork was taken down and the art had ended. I was happy how the artwork and performance went but I made a lot of enemies and also gained a lot of supporters. I don’t ask anyone to agree with what I do but if I made you think then I’ve done my job as an artist. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

pict of 8 hour performance that Arthole help out in!!!! Thanks Arthole!!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

More pictures of botliness

Hello Artholers,
here is a link to the IMA's flickr account for the parade check out all of the other cool projects (the second place ones) as well as more pictures of the bots. people are continuing to upload photos so check for updates.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hello fellow art holes,
Gropebot here, freshly returned from the robot attack on the Human strong hold of Indianapolis. I figured you all would be interested in an update on the robot war against the evil humans. To summarize Robots=1 Humans=0. It started out a cold crisp morning, accenting the haze of our inevitable victory that was filling our iron lungs. Among our participants were many of our best robo-destroyers, including such formidable foes as:


along with the fearless: Private BOYBOT

Our Deathdefying Leader Admiral BREAKDOWNBOT

And as always yours truly, Sergeant of Hands: GROPEBOT

There were countless other bots whose efforts would make the difference between freshly made human bio-fuel for our tanks, or a grim future building Toyotas in Kentucky.
Some of the key moments in this parade of death (human death) came when the Humans unleashed their secret weapon on us: The Robot-Hungry Green Dragon that dwells beneath the Earth's crust.

The Dragon spewed Hot Robot incinerating magma at our army. We were almost overcome by this gruesome surprise, but worry not and Wipe your artholes (moistened with fear and anticipation, no doubt) for the humans did not count on our carefully calculated secret weapon:
In its many adventures drilling its way to the center of the Earth our Swiss made Friend made Swiss cheese of the cantankerous Dragon. It will be a long time before the humans will misunderestimate our abilities again.

After the fall of The Dragon we made short work of the rest of the Human Effort of Resistance against Bots (HERB).

After Our Resounding Victory there was much Dancing and fermented Oil Libations.

And of Course Fembots for all

I would like to take this last line to say a special thanks to BIGBOT for bearing arms with us, as well as to ABORT-O-BOT for her dedication to her cause (I am still waiting on the blood test) and all of the Bots MIA including FLAKEBOT.
Thank you all for your tireless efforts for the cause. the Human overlords will soon be overthrown and processed into delicious BIO-Fuels as endorsed by our presidential candidate BREAKDOWNBOT.
Sincerely yours to Grope,

P.S. If anyone has seen a pair of robot underwear (white with black lines) please contact me at,(They aren't mine, someone else was asking). also here is a link to some video footage of the ferocious battle: