Monday, June 9, 2008

Boybot has been reported missing by Indiana authorities.  He was last seen on his way to the public library to research a book report about the book, "Breeding Habits of the North American Donkey" "Although we are more than familiar with the book, we do not recall seeing Boybot on the premises." reported Librarian A. Hohlman who was on duty at the fountain square facility in Indianapolis during Boybots purported visit.  Speculation seems to be the only lead in the case as no one can recall the last time Boybot had been seen.  When Questioned about the book report his teacher responded, "I don't actually recall assigning 'Breeding Habits of the North American Donkey' on the list of possible texts."   No more helpful was Boybots step-father Vaz Extimy, " I done sent the boy out to git me some sigareets and wizki but I aint seen 'im since. but I can tell you one thing... He wasn't no bad boybot till he started hangin out wit dem bots down at fountain square. Yeah they were always marching about with space ships what drilled to the earth's core and played all kinds of filthy music and such. why I had just finished beatin' the tar off his (expletive deleted) for bringing home some sort of drying machine with gloves, and you know whit it did? Hit grabbed my (expletive deleted). I don't take to kindly to that kind of hanky panky (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) crap in my house! Anyways if you see him get my sigareets and wiski moneys back."  In a case full of loose ends with no resolution in sight we request that our readers keep their artholes taut with awareness and open to any information that might come from meticulous probing.


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