Tuesday, May 27, 2008

working in studio

This week was another busy week in the foundry. This week I did a lot of prep work on the molds to get them ready to pour. I did do a burn out of the molds to get the wax out and to cure the mold so they would be ready to pour. I also redipped them one more time to seal all the small cracks that happened from the burn out. Hope to maybe pour a mold or two this Friday but well see how things push along. I also started another smaller bone sculpture in wax and will be taking that down to the foundry to start the mold process again. Other then all foundry work and bronze work I haven’t been doing too much else. I did get to draw a little on the newspaper drawing and it’s coming along nicely. Hope to have a little more for you next week but I think it’s all going to be foundry again. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

this is the drawing im working on

Quote of the Week

Rear Admiral Becksby

Sunday, May 18, 2008

working in studio

Finally I’m back in my studio doing bronze sculptures again. It’s really nice to be back in my studio again. It’s like getting back home from a long trip and taking that deep breath of relaxation. My studio is my life and without my studio I am lost. I know I’m a bit of a die hard for art but after a while I realized that without art I am nothing. Enough rambling about art, it’s nice to back in my studio again. This week I worked pretty hard on getting the wax work of the two smaller bone sculptures pushed along to get some more wax bones down to the foundry. I’m pretty excited because the sculptures are starting to come together slowly. I’m getting close to start pouring some of the bone elements for the sculpture. After this week and possibly next week as well a new batch will come down to the foundry and the process will repeat itself again. The big bone sculpture is about ¾ of the way done as far as casting all the elements in wax. Then I will start gating all the wax elements and take them down to the foundry to start the next process. Bronze is so labor intensive but it also what I love. I’m fortunate because I can do my own work if I had to pay some one to do this I would not nearly get as much bronze work done. Anyway still drawing with newspaper and will hope to start drawing on this paper soon. I have a few ideas for this drawing so we’ll see were it will take us.
As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

Friday, May 16, 2008

Quote of the Week

"Nine times out of ten, a joke is much funnier if you add the word fuck to it."
-Art Holeman-

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's up with Texas?

The media is forever getting things wrong. I don't know where they went to school, but I was told to be better at making shit up. I went to art school.

The Texas story of the man, Jorge Espinal, accidentally shotting himself in the back while scratching his back with a gun is completely wrong. The incident is correct, but is was actually our very own Aaron Kent who was scratching his back with his sawed off shotgun named Jimmy. In the midst of the moment of trying to scratch that unreachable itch, he forgot that his hand was caressing the trigger. He didn't need that foreskin anyways. Don't worry he is okay and resting peacefully thanks to the oddles of drugs given to him by the nice nurses. The real question is what is up with Ohio?

Rear Admiral Becksby

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Art Bitch

Gropebot actually wanted to write a song like this but his t-rex like hands wouldn't cooperate, so CSS came out of Brazil and stole his thunder. He may never be the same again.

R.I.P. Robert Rauschenberg

Although Arthole is in the midst of creating our own theme song, here is another group of artholes tying one on. Ours will be way better even without lighting our crotches on fire.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Marathon Automaton (Parade Day)

Arthole infiltrated and assimilated Indianapolis with our portion of the On Procession art parade. All of our efforts were not in vain as four robot heads and the robot mothership are on display at the IMA. Grope-Bot, Breakdown-o-Tron, Arthole 5000, and EmBot heads are all viewable in Indy. Thanks so much for everyone who helped make this event possible.


Well this week was pretty big for me!!! I had my show at RED SAW GALLERY in NY!!!! It went really well and I got to meet lots of people. I was pleased with how I was treated and how the crowd responded to the work. All I can say is that all the artist in the show were really talented and I was really happy to be part of such a great show. Dave Smith put a really great show together. After the show I went to Chelsea where all the hot galleries are in NY. There to my surprise I meet two really big famous artists Dana Schutz and Richard Prince. I was star struck and really excited to meet both artists. I also got to see so many shows of big named artist and some shows of some not so big name artists that I was totally overwhelmed and want to run to my studio and start making art immediately. I did come back to Cincinnati with new motivation and many new ideas to start. Overall I was pleased with everything and can’t wait to hit my studio hard and get to work. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

Friday, May 9, 2008

arthole rejects

We the people of the Arthole believe in being unexclusive group to the masses. We would like to recruit more people to the ways of screwing off and the general oddness of us being us, but creating art in the process. All you have to do is answer where your arthole is and a magical cloud of smoke appears, thus indoctrinating you into Arthole. Seems easy enough right? However, there are some people that can't answer this spiritual question correctly and with some semblance of integrity. Case in point, Art Price Jr., of Bellevue, Ohio. He got naked, went on his back deck and had sex with his metal picnic table, but have no fear, he cleaned off the deck afterwards instead of a post·coital smoke. I believe his whole defense for the four felony counts is "the picnic table was asking for it."

Next was a couple of Houston teenagers who dug up a boy's corpse in a cementary to smoke mary jane out of it. A bunch of potheads! Where would the carb hole even be? Why did this ever seem like a good idea? What happened to the patented toilet paper roll make-shift bong that has satisfied many young kids in suburban america for years? I mean we have some kind of standards.

Rear Admiral Becksby

ballet on crack

If we got our acts together, I'm sure this is what Arthole would look like on ice and in sequined costumes. It's so punk rock!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Doing Indy

We are now vlog stars. Check out our fifteen seconds of fame at: doing indy episode 93.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

S.O.S. from IBS-Bot

Hello, I'm the mysterious missing BOT from the parade, IBS-Bot. I was fully prepared to drop nuts and bolts for your viewing pleasure (I even got an oil change and my steel waxed), then Gropebot rusted my tracks. Apparently, he doesn't know where my arthole is which resulted in a subsequent eye injury that sidelined my robotic aspirations. It was a hit and run poking. Unfortunately, the magical technology that produces the twinkle in my eye had to go in for a massive tune-up in the desert of California near where another mysterious government alien hanger sits. Arthole has abandoned me for the scrap yard and/or potential scientific experiments. Can you someone come pick up the pieces?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

leave it to roll-oh

Rear Admiral Becksby

Monday, May 5, 2008

Performance Art

This week was not much for art making but I was doing a lot of performance art. I did two performances this week. One which you are familiar with was Living in a Terrorist State. The other was a performance or protest was against Censorship. This is a performance of what I or you stand as far as letting art be seen to the masses. This artwork that I took a stand on was a graffiti sculpture. It was put up with no ones permission. I loved this art just for that fact; it was already rebelling against what is supposed to happen. The artwork also had some dildos and a pocket pussy put together and put on an erect pedestal. It had no title but spoke many messages. This piece was asked to be censored because people did not want there family or friends to see this artwork due to an art show that was held in close proximity to it. I know that everyone has there limits but this is an art institution and if you don’t like art or art that is controversial then you should probable look for a new career or reconsider what art is about. Art is a Voice whether it’s your voice or someone else’s voice it should never be silenced!!! It should always be heard!!! Any whey I did this performance and I chained myself to the artwork for 8 hours. I wanted to go longer but my body would not let me. Maybe with some better planning I can do the next performance a lot longer. After the 8 hours the whole performance and artwork was taken down and the art had ended. I was happy how the artwork and performance went but I made a lot of enemies and also gained a lot of supporters. I don’t ask anyone to agree with what I do but if I made you think then I’ve done my job as an artist. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

pict of 8 hour performance that Arthole help out in!!!! Thanks Arthole!!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

More pictures of botliness

Hello Artholers,
here is a link to the IMA's flickr account for the parade check out all of the other cool projects (the second place ones) as well as more pictures of the bots. people are continuing to upload photos so check for updates.