Sunday, May 18, 2008

working in studio

Finally I’m back in my studio doing bronze sculptures again. It’s really nice to be back in my studio again. It’s like getting back home from a long trip and taking that deep breath of relaxation. My studio is my life and without my studio I am lost. I know I’m a bit of a die hard for art but after a while I realized that without art I am nothing. Enough rambling about art, it’s nice to back in my studio again. This week I worked pretty hard on getting the wax work of the two smaller bone sculptures pushed along to get some more wax bones down to the foundry. I’m pretty excited because the sculptures are starting to come together slowly. I’m getting close to start pouring some of the bone elements for the sculpture. After this week and possibly next week as well a new batch will come down to the foundry and the process will repeat itself again. The big bone sculpture is about ¾ of the way done as far as casting all the elements in wax. Then I will start gating all the wax elements and take them down to the foundry to start the next process. Bronze is so labor intensive but it also what I love. I’m fortunate because I can do my own work if I had to pay some one to do this I would not nearly get as much bronze work done. Anyway still drawing with newspaper and will hope to start drawing on this paper soon. I have a few ideas for this drawing so we’ll see were it will take us.
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