Tuesday, May 27, 2008

working in studio

This week was another busy week in the foundry. This week I did a lot of prep work on the molds to get them ready to pour. I did do a burn out of the molds to get the wax out and to cure the mold so they would be ready to pour. I also redipped them one more time to seal all the small cracks that happened from the burn out. Hope to maybe pour a mold or two this Friday but well see how things push along. I also started another smaller bone sculpture in wax and will be taking that down to the foundry to start the mold process again. Other then all foundry work and bronze work I haven’t been doing too much else. I did get to draw a little on the newspaper drawing and it’s coming along nicely. Hope to have a little more for you next week but I think it’s all going to be foundry again. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

this is the drawing im working on

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