Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hello fellow art holes,
Gropebot here, freshly returned from the robot attack on the Human strong hold of Indianapolis. I figured you all would be interested in an update on the robot war against the evil humans. To summarize Robots=1 Humans=0. It started out a cold crisp morning, accenting the haze of our inevitable victory that was filling our iron lungs. Among our participants were many of our best robo-destroyers, including such formidable foes as:


along with the fearless: Private BOYBOT

Our Deathdefying Leader Admiral BREAKDOWNBOT

And as always yours truly, Sergeant of Hands: GROPEBOT

There were countless other bots whose efforts would make the difference between freshly made human bio-fuel for our tanks, or a grim future building Toyotas in Kentucky.
Some of the key moments in this parade of death (human death) came when the Humans unleashed their secret weapon on us: The Robot-Hungry Green Dragon that dwells beneath the Earth's crust.

The Dragon spewed Hot Robot incinerating magma at our army. We were almost overcome by this gruesome surprise, but worry not and Wipe your artholes (moistened with fear and anticipation, no doubt) for the humans did not count on our carefully calculated secret weapon:
In its many adventures drilling its way to the center of the Earth our Swiss made Friend made Swiss cheese of the cantankerous Dragon. It will be a long time before the humans will misunderestimate our abilities again.

After the fall of The Dragon we made short work of the rest of the Human Effort of Resistance against Bots (HERB).

After Our Resounding Victory there was much Dancing and fermented Oil Libations.

And of Course Fembots for all

I would like to take this last line to say a special thanks to BIGBOT for bearing arms with us, as well as to ABORT-O-BOT for her dedication to her cause (I am still waiting on the blood test) and all of the Bots MIA including FLAKEBOT.
Thank you all for your tireless efforts for the cause. the Human overlords will soon be overthrown and processed into delicious BIO-Fuels as endorsed by our presidential candidate BREAKDOWNBOT.
Sincerely yours to Grope,

P.S. If anyone has seen a pair of robot underwear (white with black lines) please contact me at theeartpirates@gmail.com,(They aren't mine, someone else was asking). also here is a link to some video footage of the ferocious battle:



Sunday, April 27, 2008

Arthole marches in INDY Robot style!!!!!!

Well we will start off with what I and arthole were up to this weekend. We built a bunch of robots and marched in a parade. Yep the AK-47 was a robot marching in an art parade. Below is some snip it’s of what we were involved in.

Art As Parades and Street Pageantry
The first exhibition of contemporary art exploring parades and street pageantry will premiere at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in May. On Procession will draw upon themes of ritual, propaganda and civic celebration, and survey issues of history, identity, and public visibility, according to the IMA. The exhibition will feature videos, sculpture, installations, costumes, banners, and parade artifacts and ephemera. In conjunction with the exhibition, the IMA is organizing a downtown art parade on 26 April, and will debut new works by Smith and Haeg as part of the parade. On Procession will be on view at the IMA from 2 May through 10 August.

THE MARATHON AUTOMATON by Arthole from Cincinnati, OH 45220
Cincinnati performance group Arthole will process down the parade route dressed as robots, using humor and entertainment to encourage thought about technology and its place in our society.

I have to apologize since I was in the parade I don’t have many pictures but I am working on it. They will be really cool plus I can’t wait to see them. Also on another note I will be doing a performance today of Living in a Terrorist State at Synthetica gallery. Hope to have some pictures of that performance for you next week as well but have a few pictures of what the show looks like. I will also have a secret performance on Monday which I will post in my next blog. Other then doing mad performances this week I also have been doing the waste project and getting some drawing in. I got another recording drawing done and started another one. I’m also working on the newspaper drawing. I’m doing a lot of ripping and collage work and now editing the text. I’ve probably put about 12 hours of drawing in on this artwork just for this week. I think it will be a really nice drawing when it is done. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

If you want to see pictures of this blog I would go to this link.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

working in studio

Welcome to the art revolution and thank you for all your support. This week has been very busy in my studio for bronze sculpture. I’ve also been very busy with these recoding drawings and also doing the Waste project. I’m also getting ready for this Synthetica show the 27th and also getting ready for this show in NY May 9th. So needless to say I’ve been very busy in the art world. Let’s start off with the bronze and wax work. I’ve still been in my studio casting a lot of wax bones for my bronze sculptures. I’ve got about half way done with the bigger of the three sculptures and still casting quite a bit for the smaller sculptures as well. When I get all the elements cast for the bigger bone sculptures I will start to gate them and start taking them down to the foundry for the next step in bronze casting. I’m still working on the little ones. Some parts are down in the foundry and some are still being caste out of wax. Soon I hope to start pouring some in bronze and getting some metal work started. On another note I did get a bone sculpture finished. I finally finished the welding on it and started to give it its color to finish the sculpture. The color is a deep burgundy black and covered in a thin clear wax to protect it from oxidizing anymore or changing colors. Just the air can keep the metal and the chemical reacting over time and even the wax is no guarantee that it will stop changing color but it does help. So there you have it another beautiful sculpture created for your eyes. I think the color turned out really rich and deep and I really like the assemblage of the bones in this piece as well. Look forward to having it in a show at Malton Gallery sometime soon. So other then working in the bronze world I’ve also been drawing quite a bit. I’m still working on the 48x48 drawing and have started another newspaper drawing. So far it’s just collage and ripped newspaper but it’s in the works and that’s all that matters. I’m also working on these recordings drawings. I did get you some pictures this week of what’s going on with those drawing. I’m working on them quite a bit because they interest me quite a bit. I’m still playing around with them but there really turning out really nice. Finally I’m still working on this waste project2 and I have to say sorry I don’t have any pictures for this week on the waste project2 but I will have some for you next week for sure. As always thanks for your ongoing support and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stick this in your Arthole

oh yea this is a project called LIVING IN A TERRORIST STATE that arthole helped out on!!! Thanks Arthole!!!! AK-47

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Marathon Automaton

So it's really happening. We just keep finding new things to stick in our arthole, so Arthole is having a robot parade. On April 26th in Indianapolis, the I.M.A. is hosting 'On Procession,' a foot powered, green friendly, art parade. And here comes the Cincinnati squad, wielding none other than a cardboard version of a dysfunctional future. Cybernetic art orifice.