Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hello fellow art holes,
Gropebot here, freshly returned from the robot attack on the Human strong hold of Indianapolis. I figured you all would be interested in an update on the robot war against the evil humans. To summarize Robots=1 Humans=0. It started out a cold crisp morning, accenting the haze of our inevitable victory that was filling our iron lungs. Among our participants were many of our best robo-destroyers, including such formidable foes as:


along with the fearless: Private BOYBOT

Our Deathdefying Leader Admiral BREAKDOWNBOT

And as always yours truly, Sergeant of Hands: GROPEBOT

There were countless other bots whose efforts would make the difference between freshly made human bio-fuel for our tanks, or a grim future building Toyotas in Kentucky.
Some of the key moments in this parade of death (human death) came when the Humans unleashed their secret weapon on us: The Robot-Hungry Green Dragon that dwells beneath the Earth's crust.

The Dragon spewed Hot Robot incinerating magma at our army. We were almost overcome by this gruesome surprise, but worry not and Wipe your artholes (moistened with fear and anticipation, no doubt) for the humans did not count on our carefully calculated secret weapon:
In its many adventures drilling its way to the center of the Earth our Swiss made Friend made Swiss cheese of the cantankerous Dragon. It will be a long time before the humans will misunderestimate our abilities again.

After the fall of The Dragon we made short work of the rest of the Human Effort of Resistance against Bots (HERB).

After Our Resounding Victory there was much Dancing and fermented Oil Libations.

And of Course Fembots for all

I would like to take this last line to say a special thanks to BIGBOT for bearing arms with us, as well as to ABORT-O-BOT for her dedication to her cause (I am still waiting on the blood test) and all of the Bots MIA including FLAKEBOT.
Thank you all for your tireless efforts for the cause. the Human overlords will soon be overthrown and processed into delicious BIO-Fuels as endorsed by our presidential candidate BREAKDOWNBOT.
Sincerely yours to Grope,

P.S. If anyone has seen a pair of robot underwear (white with black lines) please contact me at theeartpirates@gmail.com,(They aren't mine, someone else was asking). also here is a link to some video footage of the ferocious battle:




Dave said...

I think I found the under wear they were in my kitchen trashcan with coffee grounds spilled on them

Dave said...

Oh wait they were my roommate's. Weird.