Sunday, August 10, 2008

working in studio

These past two weeks have been busy for me. I’ve been basically printing or silk screening in the studio. I’ve been getting a lot of prints done and been really happy with all the prints. I’ve been doing a bit of public installation work around the city with these prints. I’m just starting to get into this project quite a bit. Anyway well see what happens. Other then silk screening I finally finished up those bronzes and I’m going to be delivering them to Malton Gallery next week. Hope all goes well there and they sell lots of my sculpture. I’ve sort of took a bit of a break from bronze right now but still have two more cast bronzes that need to be finished. So very soon I hope to be back on those sculptures and back in the studio working on other sculpture as well. Let’s see I’ve also been very busy with ARTHOLE. This group is kicking my ass but I like it, and it all deals with art, so I’m down with whatever ARTHOLE does. Other then busy every day life, that’s about it for me and my studio. I hope to be a little better about my blog and get back to weekly but well see what happens with that. As always thanks for your ongoing support of the art revolution and remember to check out my website. WWW.AARONKENT.ORG

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